Feb 25

For those using Mason 2′s request dispatching features, I just released Mason::Plugin::RouterSimple, which adds basic route support courtesy of Router::Simple.

Let’s say we want to support URLs like


where the second and third part of the path are year and month parameters respectively.

Using the new plugin:

    %% route "{year:[0-9]{4}}/{month:[0-9]{2}}";

    Archives for the month of <% $.month %>/<% $.year %>:

    # Use $.month and $.year to fetch the archives

The route command adds a route indicating how the path_info (the remainder of the path beyond /archives) should be parsed.

Any named captured arguments are placed in component attributes, which are declared automatically if you don’t do so manually. So above, we get auto-declared attributes $.year and $.month that are then set to ’2010′ and ’05′ for that URL.

You can add multiple routes and they’ll each be tried in turn. If the URL does not match any route, the component will decline, which generally results in a 404.

Other examples of Router::Simple routes:

    route "wiki/:page";     # sets $.page
    route "download/*.*";   # sets $.splat to a 2-element arrayref

I chose Router::Simple because I liked the compact declaration syntax, but one could create similar plugins (with some shared common code) to support other routers like Path::Dispatcher and Path::Router.

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