Dec 19

I wrote previously about the inability of perltidy to handle the method keyword of Method::Signatures::Simple. Now, Steve Hancock has graciously accepted my patches in the latest Perl::Tidy, including prefilter and postfilter options. This allows me to easily add method support:

    prefilter => sub {
        $_ = $_[0];
        s/^method (.*)/sub $1 #__METHOD/gm;
        return $_;
    postfilter => sub {
        $_ = $_[0];
        s/^sub (.*?)s* #__METHOD/method $1/gm;
        return $_;
  • The prefilter code substitutes method for sub, and adds a comment
    so we’ll be able to find and convert these back afterwards.
  • When perltidy operates on the code, it will just see regular subs and treat them accordingly.
  • The postfilter code converts the sub back to method wherever the special comment appears.

I put this in my private Perl::Tidy subclass, along with other tweaks, such as telling perltidy to leave my Moose ‘has’ lines alone (I prefer them to always be on one line).

Then I create my own perltidy script which uses this subclass:

package main;
use JS::Perl::Tidy;

A little messy, but it works. I’m a devoted perltidy user, with enforced perltidy-on-commit policy on every project, so I’m glad I don’t have to choose between perltidy and my favorite Perl tweaks.

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